Casing insulators are used to support and electrically insulate a pipeline from a casing pipe through which it must pass and are used in river crossings, canal crossings and bridge crossings as well as highway and railroad crossings. 


  • Ease of installation 
  • Virtually corrosion proof  
  • Custom Width
  • Cut to length
  • Custom Width
  • Cut to length


New! Field-Adjustable Runners for Casing Insulators/Spacers

Facts & Advantages

  • Field-adjustable. 
  • Used for easy grade and elevation adjustment 
  • Lend the ability to stock in-house decreasing inventory up to 75%. 
  • Stock-able spacers will include 10-12 bands up to 24". 
  • Runner sizes from 1" to 6" in 1/2" increments.

Injection-Molded Polyethylene Insulators / Spacers

  1. High impact strength as well as abrasion resistance.
  2. Low friction of polyethylene facilitates easy installation into the casing.
  3. Molded inner surface grooves prevent slippage
  4. Excellent dielectric resistance
  5. Low moisture absorption  
  6. Sizes are available from 1" through 48" with a standard runner height of 1"
  7. Install with only a screwdriver

Custom Fabrication

  1.  Placing multiple carriers within one casing 
  2. Positioning thermally insulated pipe without damage to insulation
  3. Centering small carriers within large casings 
  4. Positioning to on-grade requirements 
  5. Casing spacers for all types and sizes of pipe listed above