Made from synthetic rubbers with industrial strength UV and ozone resistant plastic or all metal plates, Innerlynx® help absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves and act as a sound dampener. Innerlynx® form a hydrostatic seal up to 40 psig and up to 92.28 feet of head pressure, and can be easily reinstalled many times over the life of the installation.  Innerlynx® come in 5 models; EPDM Black, Nitrile Green, Silicone Grey, EPDM Blue & Silicone Red. 



​1. For wall penetrations
2. Floors ceilings, vaults, manholes
3. 20 PSI hydrostatic seal
4. Absorbs vibration
5. Electrically isolates
6. Easily installed
7. No special tools
8. Accommodates ½-100” pipe
9. Various seal elements

· EPDM – std

· EPDM – low durometer

· Nitrile – oil resistant

· Teflon – high/low temp

10. 21 different sizes for all pipe diameters ranging from 1/2” – 144”.
11. Standard and stainless steel hardware